Take Responsibility for your Health!

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Who is responsible for my health and well-being?

Take Responsibility for your Health!

We live in a society where we love to give away our personal power to others. We give away our power to bosses, partners, children, priests/ministers, doctors, teachers, the IRS, media, etc. And then we wonder why we feel drained all the time. Each person has their own unique energy field and you are the expert on this. Take the time to attune yourself to your body and learn how you tick and how your operating system feels and looks like. When you work with a medical professional, check in with your own body and ask does this resonate with me. If you do not feel comfortable with what is said or if it does not feel right to you, get a second opinion. If they propose surgery or chemotherapy – take a lot of time off from work and begin looking at alternative healing solutions. A lot of new technologies and healing modalities are being downloaded to humanity at this time and many of them are more effective than the traditional Western approach to health care.



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