Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Physical Body

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How can I balance my physical body?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Physical Body

Human bodies are really energy fields. Three key elements are required to maintain a high energy level. They require lots of pure water each day to function optimally. Also vitamins are needed to provide the body with all of the nutrients they do not get from the typical American diet of fast food meals and processed foods. I strongly encourage people to use liquid vitamins because this is easier for the body to process – often the body cannot absorb all of the nutrients in a vitamin pill whereas it can if the vitamins are delivered in a liquid format. Our bodies really need to move a lot – walking is great and any form of movement from yoga to dancing to swimming is great for the body. Deep breathing is also very important in insuring that the body gets enough oxygen to function well. I have found that the physical healing sessions from Serenity Vibration Healing that I do for clients are very helpful in assisting the physical body to come back into a state of balance.



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