Don't Take on Other People's Problems!

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Why shouldn´t I take on other people´s problems?

Don't Take on Other People's Problems!

Human beings are powerful creators. Our souls create every aspect of our life so that it can learn and grow and expand. Everything that we experience is created by ourselves but not necessarily by our conscious minds. In fact, most of our life experiences are created unconsciously either by the subconscious mind or the super-conscious mind or soul. Part of the spiritual growth process involves taking conscious control over the areas of our lives that are on automatic pilot.

So basically we create stuff and attract stuff into our life to learn from every day. This is fine for without our stuff, we wouldn't grow. But when we get involved with another person's stuff, watch out! It often is very easy for us to adopt and claim another individual's stuff for our own. The problem with this is that we don't learn as much from other people's stuff as we do from our own. It is important to compassionately acknowledge the stuff others experience in such a way that we don't claim it for ourselves. When we take over someone else's stuff, even if they want us to, we deprive them of the experiences they need the most and ones that they have worked hard to create for themselves.



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