Example of How to Forgive

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Can you give me a real life example of how you forgave others?

Example of How to Forgive

A lot of times, people tell me I understand what you say but I need a concrete example to demonstrate how I can forgive myself. Over 12 years ago,I was attacked outside my apartment by two guys when I lived in Philadelphia. The very next day I felt a strong urge to totally forgive them and to release the whole event from my consciousness. I began by acknowledging that the three of us had created the event for our mutual growth. I forgave myself and I forgave them. I acknowledged that the event had occurred to teach me a lesson that I needed at that time and could learn by no other way. I thanked them for helping me learn the lesson, and I released them and myself from the situation. When I did this, the experience left my energy field and I forgot about it. For more information on forgiveness (how to forgive, forgving self, forgiving others, forgiveness techniques) check out the writings link on my web site.



1/16/2007 10:15:15 AM
karla said:

what are really good examples on how to forgive


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