The Lightarian Activation Ray

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How would I benefit from receiving the Lightarian Activation Ray?

The Lightarian Activation Ray

The Lightarian Activation Ray
* Launches ongoing energetic activations within your chakras and subtle bodies
* Stimulates new spiritual initiations
* Prepares you to integrate higher aspects of your divine potential into your day-to-day life

The Lightarian Activation Ray, designed by Ascended Master Sananda (also known as Jesus), is a simple and effective attunement that will launch the purification, reorganization and stepping-up of the vibration levels of your chakras and subtle bodies. As a result of the Activation Ray, a unique relationship is established between you and Sananda, as he steps forward to assist you in very direct, personal ways with the orchestration of this enhanced activation work!

"The lifting of the vibration of Earth humanity and Mother Earth herself are essential for your global process of spiritual transformation to move forward. Individuals must take full responsibility for their personal spiritual development and create both the discipline and the surrender needed to trigger change and growth. Activations within your etheric energy fields are vital for the creation of that spiritual purity and impeccability that are essential for this process to unfold. I welcome the opportunity to support you as you reach for those higher, purer vibrations that lie within." (Ascended Master Sananda - inspiration and source of the Activation Ray)



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