Energetic Attachments And Their Effects

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I was told by a psychic that my ex is in my aura and he constantly thinks of me. She also said by him being in my aura is detering the one from entering my life. Is that true?

Energetic Attachments And Their Effects

Whenever we have a relationship, a cord of energy or "attachment" is created between us and the other person. This is why we can feel it when something significant has happened to a loved-one, and why we have a warm, fuzzy feeling when someone is sending loving thoughts or blessings to us.

Likewise, when there is a negative relationship, such as when an ex-lover or other person is angry with us, an energy drain can be created. Anger and other negative emotions, such as envy, resentment, vengeance, etc., consume the life-force energy of both the primary person and the target. This is why it's important to release negative emotions instead of dwelling on them.

A person who feels that there might be a negative attachment that is draining their energy can easily sever the cord that energetically connects him or her to the attached party. Simply imagine a ribbon or string that goes between you and the other person. Hold in your mind the intention that the ribbon represents the energetic connection between the the two of you, and then see yourself cutting the ribbon with a pair of scissors. Watch the two ends of the ribbon fall away from one another in your mind's eye. State out loud, "It is done." You may even feel a release of energy as you do this. Even if you feel nothing, know that the connection is now severed, and put the situation out of your mind. If you think about the connection very much, it will re-establish the bond, so care must be taken to let the situation go and move on with life. This operation can be repeated if necessary, and should be all that is required to release the attachment.



9/12/2009 12:02:44 AM
sue said:

what about other attachements,extra terrestrial and other unknown sources that drain your energy?

9/18/2009 3:48:02 AM
Jim said:

So what if the negative experiences you have, span a large ammount of time - where abuse was so bad and affected so many, children being hurt - and when help has been sought, nothing is done - whatthen? How do you stop that negative attachment from haunting you every day? I have lived this life, am now 45 years of age - an abused husband, with fourdaughters who suffered the same - the guilt of what happened to them is so oppressing, so consuming - how do I 'put it all behind me?'
Please help


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