Communicating With Angels

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how do we ask the angels 2 grant us what we want from them?

Communicating With Angels

Angels are a class of Divine beings who reside within the heavenly realms and have the ability to observe and assist humans. All human cultures have stories of angels. These loving beings stand ready to assist us, but must be asked for help, except in dire life-and-death circumstances. Angels can guide us toward the best path to solve our problems, and can occasionally grant blessings, but it should be understood that they expect human beings to help themselves, too. They can assist us, but we are responsible for our own life circumstances.

To contact the angelic realm, simply sit quietly and relax. Clear your mind and know that you are safe and that the angels are near. When your mind is calm, ask that the angels assist you with your problems. Invite them into your life to guide you toward the best possible solutions for your challenges, and thank them for their willingness to assist.

Remember that it isn't polite to require an angel to prove his/her existence to you. Simply asking for assistance in good faith will bring about the help that you need, so long as you are willing to help yourself, too. Send your blessings to the angels for assistance that you receive. They give of themselves out of their love for humankind, and thanking them is important. This technique is simple but effective, and can invite many blessings into the lives of those who lovingly ask the angels for their help.



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