How does distant energy healing and alternative healing work?

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How does distant energy healing work?

How does distant energy healing and alternative healing work?

Many alternative energy healers channel energy through their hands and work with clients usually doing some form of body work. Other alternative energy healers work with clients distantly. I am a distant energy healer and when I work with clients, I interact with them at the soul level. The healing energy I transmit comes from God – I am just a facilitator or channel who directs the energy to my client's soul. The amount of energy an alternative energy healer can channel depends to a large extent upon how clear they are energetically and how evolved they are spiritually. I am a Reiki master largely because my personal experience has been that Reiki attunements and symbols can help alternative energy healers to clear their energy fields and widen their channels so they can transmit more healing energy to the people drawn to their work. Our souls are unlimited and they function from unity consciousness (realizing that all is one with God) so it is easy for them to communicate with each other and to transfer and receive healing energy. As soon as the soul I am working with receives the healing energy and vibrations, it looks at where the person is energetically and then downloads the appropriate amount of healing energy to the physical, emotional and mental levels of consciousness. As this happens, the chakras, energy channels or meridians, DNA and aura layers are cleared and recalibrated to reflect the new, higher vibration and frequency. This is felt in the physical body as an increase in life force energy or chi or prana or reiki or vitality. Sometimes the soul will hold on to the energy and not transmit it immediately if the illness or imbalance or disease is serving the highest good of the client in some manner energetically. One of the great things about distant energy healing is that you do not have to do anything at all – your soul does everything for you!



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