About Embodying Divinity Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

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What is an embodying divinity energy healing session?

About Embodying Divinity Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

In an embodying divinity alternative energy healing session, I work with your soul and Spirit to first help you to clear anything that prevents you from experiencing the divine attribute that you wish to develop and then we work to recalibrate and realign all of your DNA, chakras, aura layers, meridians, energy bodies and fields so that you may embody the trait that you wish to express. This is a self directed energy clearing and healing process in that the energy healing and energy work is done by your soul and Spirit - I just facilitate the energy healing process. It is important to keep in mind that during these alternative energy healing sessions, we work with the higher dimensional aspects of these traits not the third dimensional aspects which we are most familiar with. For example, what we call love in the third dimension is often an attachment to a person or relationship whereas love in the sixth dimension is the power that holds the universe together. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!



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