About Working with Angelic Healers

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How can I work with the healing angels?

About Working with Angelic Healers

Some of the most gifted energy healers are members of the angelic kingdom of consciousness. The angels, archangels and seraphim are playing a big role in personal and planetary ascension at this time. The angels are interacting more closely with humanity now than they ever have before. This is why there are so many books, television shows, movies, etc. about angels. Each angel, archangel and seraphim has a role to play in the ascension process and they are eager to assist with bringing in certain angelic energies, frequencies, vibrations and rays to the planet. Often you can connect with the angels, archangels and seraphim through your heart and ask them to assist you with energy healing or your world service. The angels, archangels and seraphim honor your free will so you do have to ask for angelic assistance.



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