Chakra Orientation and Relationships

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How does chakra orientation affect the way people relate to each other

Chakra Orientation and Relationships

Although we each have seven energy centers or chakras in the body and five outside of it, human beings tend to funnel their energy into one of them and this affects how we perceive the world and how we interact with others. Most people funnel their energy through the first chakra at the base of the spine and they filter life primarily through the physical senses. Others funnel their energy through the fourth or heart chakra and they experience life primarily through their emotions and feelings. Others funnel their energy through the fifth or throat chakra and they filter life primarily through their thoughts and ideas. A relatively small number of people funnel life through the sixth and seventh chakras - the inner/third eye and crown centers, and they perceive life with the awareness of unity with all that is or was or ever shall be.



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