How can I remove energetic cords and attachments?

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What happens in a Lightarian attachment removal session?

How can I remove energetic cords and attachments?

After further clearing has taken place for the individual, we are able to access the next level of very subtle, thread-like energies to be cleared. These energies appear to spread out from the outermost boundaries of each of our subtle energy bodies, linking and attaching themselves to the various external physical and energetic patterns and forms that we have interacted with over the years. For simplicity we call them "attachment" energies! In general, for individuals who have not done a lot of clearing work, these attachment energies can range from thin energetic cords all the way to thick cable-like tentacles. For others, especially those who have done substantial clearing work, they can look like a delicate, residual layer of physical and etheric energies. Level 4 of the Lightarian Clearing program removes these energies.



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