The difference between energy healers and psychics!

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Are energy healers psychic?

The difference between energy healers and psychics!

While both alternative energy healers and psychics are very sensitive and intuitive, a lot of people appear to believe that energy healers should be able to see and read and understand their issues right off the bat. Sometimes they want a psychic reading not an energy healing session. Medical intutives do this type of thing since they bridge both the psychic and energy healing worlds. Everyone has psychic gifts but there are four types of psychic gifts: Seeing or clairvoyance, feeling, hearing and knowing. My strongest gifts for example are knowing and feeling. Many people who are drawn to hands on energy healing are feeling oriented - they can tell when their hand touches the body what an issue or challenge is for the person. When I connect with people from the heart I am downloaded with a huge amount of insights and energetic knowledge about them but a lot of it may be stored in geometries that defy third dimensional words. Many alternative energy healers are not terribly clairvoyant, however, so if you ask them what they see - they may not see anything at all. It is the job of energy healers to help people clear negative energy patterns and they do not need to be clairvoyant to do so. Also what you see would be cleared anyway so the whole thing may be a moot point. Sometimes I get insights when I am working with someone and I always share them because it often is critical to them being able to accept the healing but this is more of the exception than the norm for me.



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