About KorManu Healing Energies

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What are the KorManu healing energies?

About KorManu Healing Energies

KorManu comes to us from the fourteenth dimension, which is the full circle of past, present and future. The KorManu energy healing frequencies originates from the language of the dolphins and indeed many of the symbols are circular with flow. KorManu is being brought to earth through the co-creative efforts of human receivers, dolphin holders and interdimensional beings who are committed to the awakening of this planet. KorManu energy healing is intelligent, powerful, creative and dramatic. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be inspired by Spirit in the moment, and will bring through many other symbols and methods of moving Light. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be assisted in their own personal evolution and ascension process. The First Facet is Transcendent Man/Woman. In this stage the Initiate receives the attunement for this level, and also receives a personal symbol that represents the "core" or original frequency of the individual. The Second Facet of the KorManu energy healing modality is called Master Healer and Light Bearing Receptacle. Although it is not technically a Reiki modality, you do have to have received the Usui Reiki attunements and symbols to work with Kormanu.



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