About Sekhem Seichim Reiki Energy Healing:

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What is Sekhem Seichim Reiki?

About Sekhem Seichim Reiki Energy Healing:

Sekhem is an Egyptian word meaning power. Sekhem basically is the Egyptian term for prana, chi and ki: the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together and is present in all life. Seichim means living light energy and is also an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom. Reiki is the Japanese word meaning universal life force. Reiki and Seichim are distinctly different energy healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately.

Sekhem Seichim Reiki is a powerful alternative energy healing modality that combines these three related, yet distinct, multidimensional energies. Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki work together as a unified triad of healing energies to completely balance and harmonize a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Thus enabling the individual to carry more light and love and to anchor and ground more of the essential life force within his/her energy fields and consciousness.



12/2/2007 9:55:33 PM
Dr. Cris Henderson said:

I simply wanted to tell you that the combination of sekhem seichim and reiki as you describe above is a wonderful threesome - I teach the rose energy systems you may like to have a look at my website but I am entirely in harmony with what you propose here - it is light filled and wondrous. thankyou from Cris


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