Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Mind

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How do I balance my thoughts and mind?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Mind

The quality of our lives depends to a large extent upon the beliefs that we hold in our minds. Our conscious thoughts really represent the tip of the iceberg; we have millions of unconscious and subconscious thoughts every day. Anyone who has tried to meditate for over five minutes quickly realizes how busy our minds are and how hard it is to still them. We talk to ourselves all the time and what we say has a huge impact on how we experience life. The great masters stress the importance of detachment and becoming serene and the key to this is to clear your negative self talk and to still your “monkey mind.” A great exercise is to buy a small notebook you can stash in a pants pocket or pocket book and write down everything you say out loud about yourself. If you do this conscientiously for even a week, you will become aware of what your negative mental patterns are. The first step to healing your mind is to understand your thought patterns and belief systems. Some of my most powerful energy healing sessions are dissolving dysfunctional belief sessions, where I help clients to clear hundreds of thousands of negative beliefs at one time in areas such as self love, deserving, money/finances, personal power, etc.



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