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What is the crystalline body of light & how do I prepare to receive it

Receiving Your Crystalline Body of Light

This is the single most awesome process I facilitate for other people. In this session, I assist your god self and soul to transform the illusion of of your physical body to the reality of a Crystalline Body. This session takes place in Imphara and is facilitated by the angelic healers of light. You will be placed in a crystalline healing chamber where you will experience the full integration of your crystalline body in a four day process that is compressed into one hour.

The crystalline body carries the frequency of a crystalline vibration, which is a finer and higher vibration than the organic body is able to attain. A crystalline body can reach an higher vibration ten times faster and hold it ten times longer than an organic body can. The crystalline body is a gift of mastery. Many ascended masters on this planet have dedicated their entire lives to building a crystalline body of light. While it is an incredible gift, it also has the potential to be very destabilizing to people who have not done a lot of clearing work on themselves. Most people take this session ONLY AFTER they have done all of the Serenity Vibration Healing clearing and shielding sessions or all of the Lightarian Clearing Program sessions.

What happens in a Serenity Healing Angelic Rebirthing session?

Angelic Rebirthing

The Serenity angelic rebirthing session is perhaps the one that is most popular with clients. Throughout time very few people have been conceived in love. Whatever occured during your conception, the gestation period and the birthing process still have a huge impact on how you experience life and filter your reality. In this session the angelic kingdom assists you to rescript your birth. Two angelic beings will wrap themselves around the egg and sperm that conceived you and stay with your fetus throughout the conception period holding you in a space of Serenity and shielding you from any fears, concerns or less-than-light thought and word that crossed into you from the environment outside your womb. A majestic Archangel usually will assist by becoming the birth angel that removes you gently and always head first from the womb. In addition to this very powerful experience, I will also work with your god self so that when your birth angel removes you from the womb that you will be immediately anchored to Essence of Your God Self in your heart chakra.

How do I release old contracts and covenants?

How do I release old contracts and covenants?

In this session I assist your god self to release from the moment of birth all of those old karmic contracts, vows and covenants that no longer serve your soul's highest good. Contracts and covenants are often promises you made in the past that served you when they were made but today they just clutter your energy field and often are inappropriate to who you are in the NOW. They often block your soul's path of magnificence as well. Clearing the vows of poverty and celibacy help people to manifest more abundance and better relationships.

How can I protect my car from negative energy?

How can I protect my car from negative energy?

I would use a Serenity Vehicle Shield. Basically this is a sovereignty shield for your car, your kid's school buses, airplanes that you are on, etc. I begin by clearing the history of the car and any accident energy/karma and apply the shield to the car at the moment the manufacturing process is completed.

What is Serenity Vibration Healing?

About Serenity Vibration Healing

Jill Marie began her energy healing work with Theta Healing which is premised on the idea that the most healing occurs in the theta to delta brain wave states. Shortly thereafter, she was gifted with a new energy healing modality that was later to be called Serenity Vibration Healing. Serenity Healing is really a system of enlightenment that is being sponsored by God on the inner planes. Here is what Jill Marie has said: "The Serenity Vibration Healing technique is a tool for opening a pathway within you that will lead to the mastery profiles that have awaited your remembering of them... Through remembering you will be aligned to a pathway of freedom that will lead to a place you have never left: Divine Oneness."

There are four major types of sessions: Clearing, Shielding, Physical Healing and Enlightenment. I really love these sessions because they allow you to rewrite your past, release your garbage and get on with being the divine light that you are. I wish this modality had been around thirteen years ago when I had my initial awakening - it would have saved me years of processing and clearing things in a very heavy manner. The angelic rebirthing and healing your inner child sessions are incredibly powerful and the clearing and shielding modalities help people to clear zillions of things right NOW. These sessions integrate immediately. For more information about these powerful sessions, please check out my web site!

What the heck is a wedge?

How can I clear wedges?

Sealing Wedges: How often in your life have you experienced the sensation of having a great transcendental experience to be followed the next day by a dive into the rocks? Many people - especially those on a spiritual growth path - have struggled throughout periods of their lives as a result of wedges. Wedges are tiny fissures within your energy fields and bodies which allow suppressed negative energy to enter your space. This powerful session seals wedges from the moment of your birth and rolls forward throughout the rest of your life.

How can I heal my inner child with Serenity Vibration Healing?

Healing Your Inner Child

Most clients do their healing your inner child session after receiving their Angelic Rebirthing session. In this powerful inner child healing session I work with your god self and your inner child to create a cord of divine love from your God self to your inner child. The process then rolls through your entire life from birth to assist you in healing your inner child and rewriting any negative experiences that were less than light and love.

How do I clear, release and resolve my karma?

How do I clear, release and resolve my karma?

Resolving Karma: This process helps you to clear, resolve and release all karma that you have with any being across all worlds and dimensions and also dissolves any energy cords between you and any beings that you have karma with. This process will start at birth and roll forward throughout the rest of this life.

How can I shield my home from negative energy?

How can I shield my home from negative energy?

The easiest and best way I know to shield a home is to put up a Serenity Sovereignty Shield. This process creates a sphere of Divine Light around any location, set to block the entrance from any entity or disincarnate being, to ground and balance everyone who enters this space and to balance energy and stimulate your psychic senses. I begin by clearing the history of these spaces and then apply the shield to your residence after it is initially constructed on the physical plane.

How can I get rid of curses, hexes and spells?

How do I clear curses?

There is a very powerful Serenity Healing clearing session called Resolving and Clearing Curses, Spells, Hexes and Incantations that addresses this issue. Time is an illusion - we all have lifetimes where we or our ancestors cursed others and others cursed us or our ancestors and these curses still impact our lives today.In this session, I assist your god self to release, clear and resolve all curses from the moment you were born in this lifetime. It not only removes curses, however, but also it clears the karma you have with the curser or cursee. I then repeat this process for all spells, hexes and incantations.

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