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How do I balance my thoughts and mind?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Mind

The quality of our lives depends to a large extent upon the beliefs that we hold in our minds. Our conscious thoughts really represent the tip of the iceberg; we have millions of unconscious and subconscious thoughts every day. Anyone who has tried to meditate for over five minutes quickly realizes how busy our minds are and how hard it is to still them. We talk to ourselves all the time and what we say has a huge impact on how we experience life. The great masters stress the importance of detachment and becoming serene and the key to this is to clear your negative self talk and to still your “monkey mind.” A great exercise is to buy a small notebook you can stash in a pants pocket or pocket book and write down everything you say out loud about yourself. If you do this conscientiously for even a week, you will become aware of what your negative mental patterns are. The first step to healing your mind is to understand your thought patterns and belief systems. Some of my most powerful energy healing sessions are dissolving dysfunctional belief sessions, where I help clients to clear hundreds of thousands of negative beliefs at one time in areas such as self love, deserving, money/finances, personal power, etc.

What is the most important thing I need to do for my physical body?

Drink LOTS of Water

One of the biggest energetic weaknesses that most people have is that they are dehydrated. We drink so much soda and alcohol and even juices when what our bodies want and need is pure water. Our bodies are comprised of around 70% water and water supplies the juice to keep everything flowing. As you grow spiritually and evolve, you begin to release toxins and your body becomes and feels more electrical in nature. It is very important to drink lots of water to make sure this heightened amount of energy can flow easily throughout your body.

How do I balance my emotions and feelings?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Emotions

Emotions naturally have a very short lifespan. They are meant to flow through us not to be held within us. What happens though is that often we feel an emotion and we get caught up in it and it stops the flow. Whenever you get angry or agitated or upset or anxious or stressed or tense, immediately stop what you are doing and try to figure out what emotions are you feeling. By breathing deeply into your heart while you experience the feeling, you can allow the emotion to flow through you and leave. If you hold on to anger or tension or anxiety, you are imbedding this pattern into your cellular memory and over time it will begin to manifest in the physical body as pain or disease. I have found that many negative emotions are stored in the DNA. I offer clients around sixty DNA reprogramming sessions – which is one of the quickest and easiest ways I know to assist people in clearing negative emotions.

How do I balance my soul and spirit?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Soul

I really do believe that I AM decrees are one of the most powerful ways to balance your spiritual bodies. Just spend five minutes each morning before work, five minutes after work and five minutes before you go to bed saying OUT LOUD, with FEELING: “I AM Love. I AM Whole. I AM THAT I AM,” etc. It makes a huge difference. Meditation is also helpful for many people but for many people, meditation may be walking in nature, swimming laps, immersing yourself in music… There are many ways to meditate but the key thing is to get into a state of consciousness where you are able to still your mind. It takes a while to do this so work up to it in small doses – even stilling your mind for two minutes is GREAT for someone who has never meditated before.

How can I easily ground myself?

Energy Healing Technique for Grounding

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ground your energy is to close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. Visualize your favorite tree. Pretend that you are a tree and visualize your arms being branches. Anchor your feet firmly into the ground and visualize thousands of roots extending deeply into the earth. This is a great exercise to do whenever your energy feels really scattered or you feel spacey.

How can I balance my physical body?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Physical Body

Human bodies are really energy fields. Three key elements are required to maintain a high energy level. They require lots of pure water each day to function optimally. Also vitamins are needed to provide the body with all of the nutrients they do not get from the typical American diet of fast food meals and processed foods. I strongly encourage people to use liquid vitamins because this is easier for the body to process – often the body cannot absorb all of the nutrients in a vitamin pill whereas it can if the vitamins are delivered in a liquid format. Our bodies really need to move a lot – walking is great and any form of movement from yoga to dancing to swimming is great for the body. Deep breathing is also very important in insuring that the body gets enough oxygen to function well. I have found that the physical healing sessions from Serenity Vibration Healing that I do for clients are very helpful in assisting the physical body to come back into a state of balance.

What is the easiest way for me to learn how to meditate?

Using your breath to meditate!

Meditating and breathing are spiritual disciplines that help you to balance your energy fields and to ground. Learn how to meditate using your breath as a focus. Sit on a chair, feet to ground, spine erect, hands clasped and eyes closed. Take five deep breaths and begin to focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Say "In" as you inhale and "Out" as you exhale. If you become distracted, don't beat yourself up. Just return to your focus as soon as possible. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE. Meditation will eventually calm your mental body if you do not give up on it first.

What is an easy and simple way to ground?

My Two Favorite Energy Healing Techniques for Grounding

My favorite way to ground is to just find a peaceful place outdoors and lay down on the grass and look at the clouds roll by. A simple, fun and very grounding practice. Kids do it all of the time.

Another very powerful way to ground is to visualize colored cords of light connecting you into earth. Then visualize energy pouring from earth up the cords destroying them. Then bring in new colored cords... Repeat this process several times until you feel grounded and stable and connected to earth.

What are the best ways to integrate energy healing?

What are the best ways to integrate energy healing?

Often the best thing you can do is to sleep. This allows the body to integrate the experience as quickly as possible. Having a strong intent to accept the healing and to let the past go also helps. After an energy healing session, you will be detoxifying your body. It is very important that you drink lots of water for the next few days to help your body to flush out the toxins that are released after one of our sessions. Many people find that jello helps people to assimilate because of its high calcium content. You can mix two tablespoons of jello with a cup of hot water and drink it before the jello congeals. Salt water baths are also very helpful.

How do I balance my body, feelings, thoughts and soul?

Balancing Your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

Balancing your body, heart, mind and soul is key to becoming whole and realizing your full potential. I am an energy healer who has worked with hundreds of people from around the world helping them to release negativity so that they may embody their inner divinity. Many of my clients focus so intently on spiritual growth that they ignore the needs of their bodies; experience out of control emotions; and operate from the ego mind. We are here to ground the energy of Spirit into our body, emotions and mind as well as to evolve the soul. Each body is like the leg of a chair; it is great to grow one leg but if you don't grow all of them roughly at the same time, your seat gets awfully wobbly and eventually collapses. If you want to focus on one thing, focus on love for love heals the body, soothes the emotions, slows down the mind and advances the soul. The path I prefer is to heal the body, then work with emotions, then the mind and then the soul and then back to the body to repeat the cycle all over again. This way I feel I grow in an ever-expanding spiral. This is really how the universe functions: Stars are like spirals of energy - like Van Gogh's picture, Starry Night. One of the angelic healing sessions I offer to clients (angelic healing templates) works with all of these bodies and helps clear out negativity and re-balance and recalibrate them.

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