Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Emotions

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How do I balance my emotions and feelings?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Emotions

Emotions naturally have a very short lifespan. They are meant to flow through us not to be held within us. What happens though is that often we feel an emotion and we get caught up in it and it stops the flow. Whenever you get angry or agitated or upset or anxious or stressed or tense, immediately stop what you are doing and try to figure out what emotions are you feeling. By breathing deeply into your heart while you experience the feeling, you can allow the emotion to flow through you and leave. If you hold on to anger or tension or anxiety, you are imbedding this pattern into your cellular memory and over time it will begin to manifest in the physical body as pain or disease. I have found that many negative emotions are stored in the DNA. I offer clients around sixty DNA reprogramming sessions – which is one of the quickest and easiest ways I know to assist people in clearing negative emotions.



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