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What causes pain, disease and imbalances?

What causes pain, imbalances and dis-ease?

Stress and tension cause pain and energetic imbalance. Some say, "Chill out!" Some say, "Take it easy!" These directives are often easier said than done. The key is relaxation. Seems obvious? Consider the fact that many people don't know how to relax. In fact, many people are not aware of the tension and stress they are experiencing every day at all. The main block to body awareness is living too much in the mind by thinking about all the things to be done, rushing from commitment to commitment. There are three easy steps to tune into your body to initiate pain relief, restoration of balance and prevention of disease. First, take three deep breaths. Feel muscle tension releasing with each exhalation. Second, move your body by walking, dancing, playing or engaging your body in any other health promoting physical activity. Bodies are made to move. A moving body is a healthy body. Third, explore a variety of ways to redirect your mental activity to let go of mental tension. Get creative! Draw, paint, sing, play with your children, create a new dish in the kitchen, redesign a room and while doing any of these creative activities breath deeply. Lastly, remember we can get help with body awareness by visiting a bodyworker like a massage therapist, yoga teacher, martial arts instructor or dance instructor. The key to relieving stress and tesion is to tune into your body. The body communicates it's needs. A relaxed body allows life force energy to flow freely and health can be improved.

What are some common terms used in energy healing?

Alternative Energy Healing Vocabulary

• Aura: The electromagnetic energy field surrounding the physical body that contains lots of information about that soul. The aura has a lot of different layers for each energy body (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, etc.) I usually work with around 32 levels of the aura although this may vary depending on the person I am working with.
• Chakras are energetic vortexes or centers of energy for each energy body. The physical body has seven major chakras and quite a few minor ones (examples: bottoms of feet, palms of hand, knees). Each energy body has a set of chakras and there is constant debate about how many energy bodies and chakras there are.
1st Chakra or Root Chakra governs grounding to earth.
2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra govens creativity and sexuality.
3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra governs personal power and will.
4th Chakra or Heart Chakra governs love.
5th Chakra or Throat Chakra governs communication.
6th Chakra or Third Eye governs intuition and psychic gifts.
7th Chakra or Crown Chakra governs connection to Spirit and to the Creator.
• DNA - especially the master DNA cell located in the pineal gland.
• Etheric means "not of the physical plane of experience." Etheric energies operate at frequencies above the physical, third dimensional level. Some examples of etheric energies are: the subtle energy bodies, auras, meridians, Earth ley lines, Reiki, etc.
• Karma – The reason why we incarnate over and over again. Karma is sort of how the law of cause and effect keeps score.
• Meridians: Channels of energy throughout the body. There are 14 major energy meridians in the physical body. The two most important being the governor and conception channels. Some alternative energy healing modalities I work with believe there are up to 72 meridians(and I get there really are many more than that).
• Reiki – A word that means life force energy but also probably the most common form of energy healing in the world right now. There are many forms of Reiki with Usui being the primary form and the basis for many of the variations of Reiki.
• Reincarnation: The idea that we each have many past lives and we incarnate over and over again to learn how to unconditionally love ourselves and others.
• Subtle bodies are the non-physical energy fields surrounding the physical body where all of our physical etheric patterning, emotional patterning, mental behavior, thoughts and memories, belief structures and programs are located. These are called in many traditions the etheric body, emotional or astral body, mental body, etc.
• Vertebrae and the spinal column. If I am working on a person with physical problems, there is almost always a blockage in the vertabrae of the spine. The central nervous system is very important for all forms of alternative energy healing and most bodywork modalities as well.


What will I experience or feel during an energy healing?

Experience and results are as varied as the people who seek healing. It is very much like asking what one will experience during any other life experience. I guess the best answer is: "Try it and find out." If you like it, try it again. All kidding aside, energy healing, although very personal, does have some common effects. One may experience some of the following: relaxation, shift in body temperature, mental images, activation of memories, enhanced dreams, tingling, vibration, heightened awareness, sense of expansion, feeling more "alive", increased vitality, stress reduction and deeper breathing. Sometimes healers support clients through what is referred to as a "healing crisis". Don't let the name scare you. This simply means that healing is occuring and toxic waste is being released from one's being. Toxicity can be released from all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Releasing toxicity is necessary and very effective in promoting health.

What is the source of energy healing?

All alternative energy healing and energy work comes from Spirit.

Alternative energy healers are really facilitators and channels for divine healing energy. All alternative energy healing originates from Father/Mother God and the soul of the client. Alternative energy healers help their clients to co-create an energetic space that is conducive to healing. Because alternative energy healers are not as attached to the underlying disease and pain as the client is - it is easier for them to facilitate the energy healing process. Each person is really responsible on the soul level for their own healing and if their souls are not ready to heal themselves, usually a permanent healing will not occur. Often there are many energetic causes and weaknesses associated with an illness or disease and so it is not uncommon for someone to heal and clear a lot but they may not feel totally well because they are not ready to release the next level or layer of the pattern. It often takes time to heal and clear old energetic imbalances that were created over many years.

Are energy healers psychic?

The difference between energy healers and psychics!

While both alternative energy healers and psychics are very sensitive and intuitive, a lot of people appear to believe that energy healers should be able to see and read and understand their issues right off the bat. Sometimes they want a psychic reading not an energy healing session. Medical intutives do this type of thing since they bridge both the psychic and energy healing worlds. Everyone has psychic gifts but there are four types of psychic gifts: Seeing or clairvoyance, feeling, hearing and knowing. My strongest gifts for example are knowing and feeling. Many people who are drawn to hands on energy healing are feeling oriented - they can tell when their hand touches the body what an issue or challenge is for the person. When I connect with people from the heart I am downloaded with a huge amount of insights and energetic knowledge about them but a lot of it may be stored in geometries that defy third dimensional words. Many alternative energy healers are not terribly clairvoyant, however, so if you ask them what they see - they may not see anything at all. It is the job of energy healers to help people clear negative energy patterns and they do not need to be clairvoyant to do so. Also what you see would be cleared anyway so the whole thing may be a moot point. Sometimes I get insights when I am working with someone and I always share them because it often is critical to them being able to accept the healing but this is more of the exception than the norm for me.

How can I clear my chakras, aura, meridians, curses and karma?

How can I use alternative energy healing to clear my chakras, aura, meridians, curses and karma?

Alternative energy healing for your chakras: The most powerful energy healing technique I have found for the chakras comes from the Serenity Healing modality. Serenity Vibration Healing has a geat enlightenment session for the chakras called Auto-Adjust Chakras whereby you empower your soul to automatically upgrade your chakras as your light and love quotient rises. I also work with the angelic energy healer to assist clients open, balance and recalibrate all of their chakras.

Alternative energy healing for your aura: The most effective alternative energy healing I know for the chakras comes from the Lightarian Institute. The Lightarian Clearing program really targets and goes after removing many negative energies from the various aura levels that other alternative energy healing modalities do not focus on.

Alternative energy healing for your meridians: The most powerful energy healing technique for the meridians is one I developed using the Serenity Vibration energy healing modality. The meridian flush and detoxification Serenity clearing session is the best way I know to both clear your meridians as well as to release toxins.

Alternative energy healing for karma, curses and contracts: The Serenity Vibration Healing energy healing sessions are wonderful for clearing karma, curses, hexes, vows, contracts, etc. If you did just one alternative energy healing session in your life, the one I would recommend would be clearing curses.

What happens in a dissolving dysfunctional beliefs session?

About Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

In these powerful, alternative energy healing sessions I help you to release the negative belief clusters that no longer serve your highest good. Our minds, in many ways, function like computers in that if you have flaky programs (dysfunctional beliefs) running in your operating system, your computer (life) can become totally hosed. In a Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs energy healing session, we help you remove and replace your flaky programs with positive ones. In a Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs energy healing session, you identify what belief cluster(s) that you want cleared. I then ask Spirit and your god self to scan your timeline across time, space and dimensions to show us all of the negative and dysfunctional beliefs, attitudes and feelings stored in that cluster. We are gathering energy blocks, imbalances and issues from not only your current life, but also from any past lives you may have had, your soul's history, your parallel lives, your future lives and your genetic lineage. We then ask Spirit and your God self to dissolve these belief clusters and any associated karma, fear, triggers, memories or attachments from your consciousness, aura and genetic code and to bring in new life-affirming beliefs from Spirit to replace the old dysfunctional beliefs. I usually am able to help people to release and clear over 100,000 negative beliefs at one time. I have cleared many of my own belief clusters and I am constantly amazed by the amount of clarity and serenity I operate from. When you clear one belief cluster, often you will experience an improvement in many other areas as well. For example, if you clear beliefs around deserving, this often helps you to also feel better about yourself, to experience better health and to attract more abundance into your life. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!

How does distant energy healing work?

How does distant energy healing and alternative healing work?

Many alternative energy healers channel energy through their hands and work with clients usually doing some form of body work. Other alternative energy healers work with clients distantly. I am a distant energy healer and when I work with clients, I interact with them at the soul level. The healing energy I transmit comes from God – I am just a facilitator or channel who directs the energy to my client's soul. The amount of energy an alternative energy healer can channel depends to a large extent upon how clear they are energetically and how evolved they are spiritually. I am a Reiki master largely because my personal experience has been that Reiki attunements and symbols can help alternative energy healers to clear their energy fields and widen their channels so they can transmit more healing energy to the people drawn to their work. Our souls are unlimited and they function from unity consciousness (realizing that all is one with God) so it is easy for them to communicate with each other and to transfer and receive healing energy. As soon as the soul I am working with receives the healing energy and vibrations, it looks at where the person is energetically and then downloads the appropriate amount of healing energy to the physical, emotional and mental levels of consciousness. As this happens, the chakras, energy channels or meridians, DNA and aura layers are cleared and recalibrated to reflect the new, higher vibration and frequency. This is felt in the physical body as an increase in life force energy or chi or prana or reiki or vitality. Sometimes the soul will hold on to the energy and not transmit it immediately if the illness or imbalance or disease is serving the highest good of the client in some manner energetically. One of the great things about distant energy healing is that you do not have to do anything at all – your soul does everything for you!

How do I choose an energy healer?

Choosing an Alternative Energy Healer

There are many different types of alternative energy healing modalities on the planet now and some of them you most likely will benefit from and others may not assist you at all. Healing is a dynamic process and timing can be important. Sometimes you are meant to work with a person for a while and then move on. You should always ask does this approach to healing resonate with me or not? Trust yourself for you are the expert on your body not others. It is also important when working with a healer - either traditional or alternative - that you feel comfortable with that person. If you do not feel safe or comfortable or trust an alternative energy healer, then please honor your feelings and do not go to them.

What are the 12 essential programs?

About the 12 Essential Program Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

These powerful alternative energy healing sessions are inspired by multidimensional ascension artist,Bryan De Flores, who has downloaded and begun to teach people that each human being has twelve essential programs that come in at birth. These programs are anchored by the soul into the central column (base of spine to crown of head). These twelve essential programs are governed by the Higher Self and help you to run the entire human body system. Often these programs get corrupted or worse deleted from incidents that occur on earth and this handicaps our ability to live, feel and experience life from our Higher Self. When I first learned about these programs and began to work with them, five of them were not installed and three of the installed ones were functioning at less than 30%. I noticed an immediate difference as soon as I re-installed the missing ones and upgraded the remaining ones. The twelve essential programs are: Body Maintenance/Orientation; Communications; Intuition/Divine Guidance; Magical Skills/Creativity; Soul Contract/Divine Plan; Personal Database; Upgrades, Corrections and Automatic Override; Protection and Filter System Scanner; Planetary Orientation; Manifestation; Dream Recall and Akashic Records. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!

What is an embodying divinity energy healing session?

About Embodying Divinity Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

In an embodying divinity alternative energy healing session, I work with your soul and Spirit to first help you to clear anything that prevents you from experiencing the divine attribute that you wish to develop and then we work to recalibrate and realign all of your DNA, chakras, aura layers, meridians, energy bodies and fields so that you may embody the trait that you wish to express. This is a self directed energy clearing and healing process in that the energy healing and energy work is done by your soul and Spirit - I just facilitate the energy healing process. It is important to keep in mind that during these alternative energy healing sessions, we work with the higher dimensional aspects of these traits not the third dimensional aspects which we are most familiar with. For example, what we call love in the third dimension is often an attachment to a person or relationship whereas love in the sixth dimension is the power that holds the universe together. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!

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