About Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

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What happens in a dissolving dysfunctional beliefs session?

About Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

In these powerful, alternative energy healing sessions I help you to release the negative belief clusters that no longer serve your highest good. Our minds, in many ways, function like computers in that if you have flaky programs (dysfunctional beliefs) running in your operating system, your computer (life) can become totally hosed. In a Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs energy healing session, we help you remove and replace your flaky programs with positive ones. In a Dissolving Dysfunctional Beliefs energy healing session, you identify what belief cluster(s) that you want cleared. I then ask Spirit and your god self to scan your timeline across time, space and dimensions to show us all of the negative and dysfunctional beliefs, attitudes and feelings stored in that cluster. We are gathering energy blocks, imbalances and issues from not only your current life, but also from any past lives you may have had, your soul's history, your parallel lives, your future lives and your genetic lineage. We then ask Spirit and your God self to dissolve these belief clusters and any associated karma, fear, triggers, memories or attachments from your consciousness, aura and genetic code and to bring in new life-affirming beliefs from Spirit to replace the old dysfunctional beliefs. I usually am able to help people to release and clear over 100,000 negative beliefs at one time. I have cleared many of my own belief clusters and I am constantly amazed by the amount of clarity and serenity I operate from. When you clear one belief cluster, often you will experience an improvement in many other areas as well. For example, if you clear beliefs around deserving, this often helps you to also feel better about yourself, to experience better health and to attract more abundance into your life. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!



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