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Energize Mind & Body by Organizing Thoughts & Matter

Energy healing begins with our thoughts. Our thoughts are influenced by our environments. Clearing our minds and putting our homes, offices and automobiles in order will initiate the healing of our energy bodies. Organizing what is in our minds such as our long “to do” lists as well as our concerns, goals, commitments and responsibilities will clarify what is most important to us. By identifying what is most important in our lives, we can focus our energy on worthy goals. Sifting, sorting and discarding items in our homes, offices and automobiles will clear and sanctify space for our healing work to continue. Cluttered space does not allow energy to flow very well. Order and simplicity support the flow of energy which allows us to utilize our energy more efficiently. Whether we choose to focus on external projects or internal healing, organization is the key. Empty you mind, junk drawers and automobile, discard unwanted stuff and redirect your energy to what matters most. Your life force energy will increase and you will begin healing in a very practical way.

Who am I? What am I meant to do?

Know Yourself!

We all have a soul purpose - a reason why we chose to incarnate on the planet during this lifetime. Take an hour and go somewhere quiet. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: “Who am I?” Write down any insights you get. Then ask yourself: “Why am I here?” Write down any insights. Then ask yourself “What am I meant to do?” Write down any insights. Ask yourself: “What gives me the greatest amount of joy in my life?” Often the core of what you are meant to do is what you enjoy doing. Our soul likes to fill us with joy with when we are close to what we are meant to do with our lives. If you do not get anything, ask three of your best friends and your partner if you have one: “What do you feel are my greatest strengths and my greatest weaknesses?”

How do I change myself and release bad habits?

How do I change myself and release bad habits?

When you begin to change or fine-tune your lifestyle, make gradual adjustments and stick with them. Each month change just one habit in a small way. It takes about one month for the body to get used to the new practice, but after that month the change will become a habit. People who try to implement a whole lot of changes at one time usually totally freak out and often fall flat on their face. Often to change a habit requires that you release the friends that have the same habit or the people who encourage you to engage in the bad habit.

How do I honor my time and energy?

Honor your time and energy!

The greatest gift God gives us is time. What you do with that gift is up to you but if you spend your time doing things or hanging out with people that drag down your energy this will eventually manifest in the physical body as an ache, pain, disease, discomfort or stress. Become aware of what you FEEL when you are doing things throughout the day or when you are around people. Begin to notice what events make you happy and energized and which ones make you feel down and depressed. Then begin to shift so that you do more of the upbeat things and less of the downer things. Notice which people in your life energize you and which ones deplete you. Then spend more time with the people you receive the most energy time and less time with the people who bring you down. Place a yellow sticky note on your television and telephone answering machine that says “Is this the most valuable use of my time and energy?” I am constantly amazed at how many people spend hours watching the news programs on TV. They get totally agitated and imbalanced and often there is nothing they can do to alter it so this energy becomes stuck and cannot be released and crystallizes into physical discomfort.

How can I connect with my inner healer?

Get to know your Inner Healer!

We each have an Inner Healer which knows how to heal ALL forms of physical disharmony. If you want to understand an illness, get into a meditative state (peaceful and relaxed) and ask your soul and inner healer to come to you. When you feel their presence, ask them what am I getting from this illness? What is this illness trying to help me to accomplish? Answer this as honestly as you can. Sometimes we create an illness to draw us closer to our souls, to receive attention from others or to just avoid making a hard choice or decision. Once you find out what you are learning from the illness, ask yourself if you are willing to learn the same thing without being sick. If you honestly can do this, talk to the illness and ask it to help you to learn the same things while you are well. Ask it to transform its energy pattern of physical disharmony to another teaching form.

How can I release bad things quickly?

Flush those energies right out of my hair

One easy technique I use all the time is a flush. I visualize myself as a cocoon of energy and then I focus on the issue that I want to release. I visualize unconditional love entering into the cocoon and flushing away the issue. Sometimes it takes several good flushes to make sure everything is gone. It helps at first to say out loud, with passion, FLUSH. This helps train your subconscious mind as to what you want to accomplish. Your subconscious mind is very literal and it takes what you say very seriously. If you have a tendency to be sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor like I do, how your subconscious mind interprets that can be very distressing to you.

How can I raise my personal energy level?

Monitor Your Personal Energy Level

Often our personal energy and vitality waxes and wanes throughout the day. Begin to be aware of what is going on with you energetically. Are you upbeat or down or neutral. When you are down energetically, it is hard to get anything done. One tool I use is that I have a small notebook where I jot down all the things and people in my life that I am grateful for. Whenever my personal energy dips, I take out my notebook and after reading it for a few minutes, my energy begins to rise. I always try to add at least three new items to the book whenever I look at it as well.

How can I work with my sub-personality?

Working with Your Sub-Personalities

Our subconscious minds contain many sub-personalities. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, usually there is one sub-personality that uses weight to protect itself from the world and another sub-personality that wants to lose weight and to enjoy a higher level of self-esteem. Basically, the strongest sub-personality prevails. When people go on diets, the sub-personality that wants to lose weight has taken control, but usually weight returns after the diet because the scared sub-personality is stronger from the years of past programming. You can contact and work with your sub-personalities during meditation.

How can I learn how to muscle test myself?

Learn to Muscle Test Yourself

Muscle testing is a way to access the body consciousness before the mental body and ego can screw up the answer. When most people think about muscle testing they have this image of two people working together where the person wanting to know the answer has their arm lifted and the other person pulls down on the arm to see if they are strong or weak. There are many ways to muscle test, however, and many can be done by yourself. I like the O ring technique myself. Put your middle finger and your thumb together in each hand. Then intercircle them so your right hand circle is inside your left hand circle. Keep some pressure on it but not a death grip. Begin by asking yourself simple yes no questions that you know the answer. This gives you an indication of what a yes means to your body and what a no means. After you practice and feel comfortable you can begin asking questions that you do not know the answer for.

Who is responsible for my health and well-being?

Take Responsibility for your Health!

We live in a society where we love to give away our personal power to others. We give away our power to bosses, partners, children, priests/ministers, doctors, teachers, the IRS, media, etc. And then we wonder why we feel drained all the time. Each person has their own unique energy field and you are the expert on this. Take the time to attune yourself to your body and learn how you tick and how your operating system feels and looks like. When you work with a medical professional, check in with your own body and ask does this resonate with me. If you do not feel comfortable with what is said or if it does not feel right to you, get a second opinion. If they propose surgery or chemotherapy – take a lot of time off from work and begin looking at alternative healing solutions. A lot of new technologies and healing modalities are being downloaded to humanity at this time and many of them are more effective than the traditional Western approach to health care.

How can I stay focused on what is important?

Stay Focused

We all know that usually we have three or four things (they may be big or small) that we need to accomplish in any given day. But how often do we end up doing them? All too often we go off to work and lose track of what really matters in the day and we spend most of our days doing things that are not essential. One technique I use is to place a sticky note on my computer with my list of things I need to do in each day and I make that my first priority. Everything else is icing on the cake...

What happens energetically when I worry?

Let go of worry!

Try to let go of worry. The more that you worry about something, the worst that it gets. People who worry apply the power of visualization and imagination against themselves. When you find yourself worrying about something, don't beat yourself up about it. Instead begin thinking about what the best possible scenario or outcome would be. When you worry about your problems, you are feeding them. Beating yourself up for worrying, however, drains your energy more than worry does.

Why should I try to live more in the now?

Carpe Diem!

How many people do you know that spend much of their life rehashing the past and wishing it could be different. How many people do you know who spend hours thinking about the future and worrying about what will happen next. Thinking about the past and worrying about the future take away a lot of the energy and vitality you have that you could better utilize to enjoy your life right here and right now. The truth is you can never revisit your past and what most people envision for the future rarely manifests. The only thing you can impact at all is the present. Try to live as much in the present as you can. One book I read a long time ago suggested that it would be good to live as if each day would be your last upon the planet. Look at little kids – they are masters at living in the now.

How can I clear negative thoughts?

How can I clear negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts originate primarily from your experiences in this life, past lives and your genetic lineage or ancestors. Becoming aware of your negative thought patterns is the first step to clearing them. One powerful way to increase your self knowledge would be to buy a notebook that can fit into your coat or purse and jot down every thought that you have about yourself, said and unsaid, for one month. At the end of the month, read what you have jotted down and if that won't inspire you to change, nothing ever will. What most people find is that most of their negative thoughts fall into several categories, and these are the areas that they need to work with. After you determine which areas of your life are stuck, then you are ready to make changes. I offer many dissolving dysfunctional beliefs energy healing sessions on my web site to help my clients rapidly release hundreds of thousands of negative beliefs at one time.

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