Learn to Muscle Test Yourself

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How can I learn how to muscle test myself?

Learn to Muscle Test Yourself

Muscle testing is a way to access the body consciousness before the mental body and ego can screw up the answer. When most people think about muscle testing they have this image of two people working together where the person wanting to know the answer has their arm lifted and the other person pulls down on the arm to see if they are strong or weak. There are many ways to muscle test, however, and many can be done by yourself. I like the O ring technique myself. Put your middle finger and your thumb together in each hand. Then intercircle them so your right hand circle is inside your left hand circle. Keep some pressure on it but not a death grip. Begin by asking yourself simple yes no questions that you know the answer. This gives you an indication of what a yes means to your body and what a no means. After you practice and feel comfortable you can begin asking questions that you do not know the answer for.



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