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Can God recalibrate my DNA?

DNA Recalibration by God

One of the greatest gifts I received from being trained in Serenity Vibration Healing is that it cleared a lot of blocks I had to working more directly with God. In one of my conversations with God, I asked if It would be willing to help me in my healing practice by recalibrating my DNA and the DNA of clients who would be drawn to this work. It said that would be fine so I began offering those sessions as well in my Activations of Light sessions page on my web site.

How can I work with my DNA?

Working with your DNA!

Human DNA has a consciousness of its own which can be programmed for healing and many other things by humans. Get into a meditative state of mind (calm and peaceful) and visualize an image of your consciousness as light. Shrink down your light to the smallest size possible and then take your spark of Light to the center of one of your cells and look for a large coil of two light strands. Talk to your DNA about any problem you are having and ask it to the release the belief patterns that are creating the problem. Give it a new belief pattern to hold instead. Cellular programming of your DNA is a very powerful and effective way to transform yourself. Since the DNA in one cell is linked to the DNA in all of the other cells, you transform all of them when you transform one.

Why is the master cell important for DNA energy healing?

DNA and the Master Cell

There is a very special cell in the pineal gland that is often called the master cell. This cell holds the DNA and genetic code for the individual and when energetic changes are made to the Master Cell, it is then replicated to ALL of the DNA and genetic code in the body. A lot of energy work around DNA and genetic codes involves working with the energy of the master cell and increasing its vibration.

What is a DNA reprogramming session?

About DNA Reprogramming Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

One of the biggest obstacles to clearing negative emotions is clearing our genetic programming. Literally our negative emotions are hardwired into our DNA and genetic code. One of the cutting edge alternative energy healing modalities for DNA reprogramming is offered by Possibilities DNA. I have completed all three levels of energy healing practitioner training in this powerful alternative, energy healing modality and the great gift I received from this is the ability to help people release and clear the negative emotional programming from their genetic code and to replace this programming with positive emotional programming instead. For example if you wanted to clear anger from your genetic code, it would be replaced with forgiveness, love, peace, calm and mercy. Depression would be replaced with optimism, love, joy, peace and harmony.
* The first energy healing level is to clear neuron programming from your brain.
* The second energy healing level is to clear the morphogenetic field (energy field around your DNA).
* The third energy healing level is to clear past and current life programming.
* The fourth energy healing level is to clear the patterns at the soul level.
* The fifth energy healing level is to clear the negative emotional programming from the Akashic Records (multidimensional library of personal and universal knowledge.)
For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!

How does DNA impact healing?

About DNA and Healing

I believe strongly that upgrading your DNA to the 12 strands it originally had should be a top priority for anyone who is on the spiritual path. DNA is also a critical factor in healing as well. I have studied everything I can find about DNA and I continue to do so. I have lost track of how many DNA activations and energy work sessions I have done for myself in this area. Although several books I have read claim that if you do the processes, you will end up with 12 strands of DNA, this does not resonate with me as truth. I get that I am anchoring about 5.5 strands of DNA at this time and I feel that this is a very high level for the planet.


DNA Recalibration by the Angelic Healers

I found out by accident that the angelic healers can help with DNA as well. I was working with a client during an angelic activation session and the client was escorted by the angels to a healing chamber that I had never seen before. When I asked what it was I was told that it was an Angelic DNA Recalibration healing chamber. As soon as I finished my client's session, I went back and got the angels to recalibrate my DNA. This is one of my spiritual growth sessions now – listed on my web site in the Activations of Light session page.

How can I work with the deva of DNA?

Over-lighting Deva of DNA

The devas are part of the Elohim consciousness. The Elohim are responsible for the creation of forms and energy patterns. Most people who work with devas are most familiar with the devas of the plant kingdom. However there are devas for everything really. My laptop deva is the one I work the most with! In my enegy healing work, I find that I work a lot with the Over-lighting Devea of Healing and the Over-lighting deva of DNA. The Elohim and the Over-lighting Deva of DNA can also recalibrate DNA for humans and this is another of my activation of light sessions. You can contact the Over-lighting Deva of DNA through meditation or focused awareness.

How can I activate my DNA at birth?

DNA Activation at Birth

One of the most powerful Serenity Vibration Healing enlightenment sessions involves rolling back time to when you were born and activating the youth and vitality chromosome, the remaining 44 chromosomes and the mitochondria. By rolling back in time to activate the DNA and mitochondria at the time of your birth, you are able to elevate your consciousness and vibration so that you can hold and radiate more light. This, of course, places you on a fast track of spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Do the Indigo and crystalline children have different DNA?

DNA and the Indigo Children

One of the interesting things about the indigo and crystalline children that are being born on the planet today is that their DNA is significantly different than most of their parents. They have more codons and their genetic code is much clearer. A lot of the energy healing work in Theta Healing, Serenity Healing and other modalities is to help everyone else clear their DNA and genetic codes to the extent that the Indigos are born with. And the younger the child, the clearer their DNA is.

How does Serenity Healing deal with genes?

Serenity Vibration Healing and the Genes

Almost every energetic weakness, imbalance, disease or discomfort has a genetic aspect to it. This is why energy healing for your DNA is so critical. Serenity Vibration Healing sessions are designed to clear many different layers of things – one of which is the genes and the genetic dispositions underlying most health problems and energetic imbalances. I have worked with many different types of energy healing modalities but Serenity Healing is a more complete modality in many ways than most of the ones I have studied or worked with.

How can I benefit from enhancing my DNA for the new world?

Enhanced DNA for the New World

This is one of the most powerful of the Serenity Vibration Healing enlightenment sessions for the DNA. The enhanced DNA for the new world has a superior ability to heal through accelerated cellular regeneration and can raise your overall vibration significantly. It also assists you in balancing your brain capacity as well.

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