Get to know your Inner Healer!

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How can I connect with my inner healer?

Get to know your Inner Healer!

We each have an Inner Healer which knows how to heal ALL forms of physical disharmony. If you want to understand an illness, get into a meditative state (peaceful and relaxed) and ask your soul and inner healer to come to you. When you feel their presence, ask them what am I getting from this illness? What is this illness trying to help me to accomplish? Answer this as honestly as you can. Sometimes we create an illness to draw us closer to our souls, to receive attention from others or to just avoid making a hard choice or decision. Once you find out what you are learning from the illness, ask yourself if you are willing to learn the same thing without being sick. If you honestly can do this, talk to the illness and ask it to help you to learn the same things while you are well. Ask it to transform its energy pattern of physical disharmony to another teaching form.



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