How can I clear negative thoughts?

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How can I clear negative thoughts?

How can I clear negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts originate primarily from your experiences in this life, past lives and your genetic lineage or ancestors. Becoming aware of your negative thought patterns is the first step to clearing them. One powerful way to increase your self knowledge would be to buy a notebook that can fit into your coat or purse and jot down every thought that you have about yourself, said and unsaid, for one month. At the end of the month, read what you have jotted down and if that won't inspire you to change, nothing ever will. What most people find is that most of their negative thoughts fall into several categories, and these are the areas that they need to work with. After you determine which areas of your life are stuck, then you are ready to make changes. I offer many dissolving dysfunctional beliefs energy healing sessions on my web site to help my clients rapidly release hundreds of thousands of negative beliefs at one time.



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