Carpe Diem!

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Why should I try to live more in the now?

Carpe Diem!

How many people do you know that spend much of their life rehashing the past and wishing it could be different. How many people do you know who spend hours thinking about the future and worrying about what will happen next. Thinking about the past and worrying about the future take away a lot of the energy and vitality you have that you could better utilize to enjoy your life right here and right now. The truth is you can never revisit your past and what most people envision for the future rarely manifests. The only thing you can impact at all is the present. Try to live as much in the present as you can. One book I read a long time ago suggested that it would be good to live as if each day would be your last upon the planet. Look at little kids – they are masters at living in the now.



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