Energize Mind & Body by Organizing Thoughts & Matter

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Energize Mind & Body by Organizing Thoughts & Matter

Energy healing begins with our thoughts. Our thoughts are influenced by our environments. Clearing our minds and putting our homes, offices and automobiles in order will initiate the healing of our energy bodies. Organizing what is in our minds such as our long “to do” lists as well as our concerns, goals, commitments and responsibilities will clarify what is most important to us. By identifying what is most important in our lives, we can focus our energy on worthy goals. Sifting, sorting and discarding items in our homes, offices and automobiles will clear and sanctify space for our healing work to continue. Cluttered space does not allow energy to flow very well. Order and simplicity support the flow of energy which allows us to utilize our energy more efficiently. Whether we choose to focus on external projects or internal healing, organization is the key. Empty you mind, junk drawers and automobile, discard unwanted stuff and redirect your energy to what matters most. Your life force energy will increase and you will begin healing in a very practical way.



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