All alternative energy healing and energy work comes from Spirit.

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What is the source of energy healing?

All alternative energy healing and energy work comes from Spirit.

Alternative energy healers are really facilitators and channels for divine healing energy. All alternative energy healing originates from Father/Mother God and the soul of the client. Alternative energy healers help their clients to co-create an energetic space that is conducive to healing. Because alternative energy healers are not as attached to the underlying disease and pain as the client is - it is easier for them to facilitate the energy healing process. Each person is really responsible on the soul level for their own healing and if their souls are not ready to heal themselves, usually a permanent healing will not occur. Often there are many energetic causes and weaknesses associated with an illness or disease and so it is not uncommon for someone to heal and clear a lot but they may not feel totally well because they are not ready to release the next level or layer of the pattern. It often takes time to heal and clear old energetic imbalances that were created over many years.



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