About the 12 Essential Program Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

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What are the 12 essential programs?

About the 12 Essential Program Alternative Energy Healing Sessions

These powerful alternative energy healing sessions are inspired by multidimensional ascension artist,Bryan De Flores, who has downloaded and begun to teach people that each human being has twelve essential programs that come in at birth. These programs are anchored by the soul into the central column (base of spine to crown of head). These twelve essential programs are governed by the Higher Self and help you to run the entire human body system. Often these programs get corrupted or worse deleted from incidents that occur on earth and this handicaps our ability to live, feel and experience life from our Higher Self. When I first learned about these programs and began to work with them, five of them were not installed and three of the installed ones were functioning at less than 30%. I noticed an immediate difference as soon as I re-installed the missing ones and upgraded the remaining ones. The twelve essential programs are: Body Maintenance/Orientation; Communications; Intuition/Divine Guidance; Magical Skills/Creativity; Soul Contract/Divine Plan; Personal Database; Upgrades, Corrections and Automatic Override; Protection and Filter System Scanner; Planetary Orientation; Manifestation; Dream Recall and Akashic Records. For more information about these alternative energy healing sessions, check out my web site!



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I would like to know the website link (yours) that you mentioned. Great article & info!
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