What will I experience or feel during an energy healing?

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What will I experience or feel during an energy healing?

Experience and results are as varied as the people who seek healing. It is very much like asking what one will experience during any other life experience. I guess the best answer is: "Try it and find out." If you like it, try it again. All kidding aside, energy healing, although very personal, does have some common effects. One may experience some of the following: relaxation, shift in body temperature, mental images, activation of memories, enhanced dreams, tingling, vibration, heightened awareness, sense of expansion, feeling more "alive", increased vitality, stress reduction and deeper breathing. Sometimes healers support clients through what is referred to as a "healing crisis". Don't let the name scare you. This simply means that healing is occuring and toxic waste is being released from one's being. Toxicity can be released from all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Releasing toxicity is necessary and very effective in promoting health.



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