What causes pain, imbalances and dis-ease?

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What causes pain, disease and imbalances?

What causes pain, imbalances and dis-ease?

Stress and tension cause pain and energetic imbalance. Some say, "Chill out!" Some say, "Take it easy!" These directives are often easier said than done. The key is relaxation. Seems obvious? Consider the fact that many people don't know how to relax. In fact, many people are not aware of the tension and stress they are experiencing every day at all. The main block to body awareness is living too much in the mind by thinking about all the things to be done, rushing from commitment to commitment. There are three easy steps to tune into your body to initiate pain relief, restoration of balance and prevention of disease. First, take three deep breaths. Feel muscle tension releasing with each exhalation. Second, move your body by walking, dancing, playing or engaging your body in any other health promoting physical activity. Bodies are made to move. A moving body is a healthy body. Third, explore a variety of ways to redirect your mental activity to let go of mental tension. Get creative! Draw, paint, sing, play with your children, create a new dish in the kitchen, redesign a room and while doing any of these creative activities breath deeply. Lastly, remember we can get help with body awareness by visiting a bodyworker like a massage therapist, yoga teacher, martial arts instructor or dance instructor. The key to relieving stress and tesion is to tune into your body. The body communicates it's needs. A relaxed body allows life force energy to flow freely and health can be improved.



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