Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Soul

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How do I balance my soul and spirit?

Energy Healing Technique to Balance Your Soul

I really do believe that I AM decrees are one of the most powerful ways to balance your spiritual bodies. Just spend five minutes each morning before work, five minutes after work and five minutes before you go to bed saying OUT LOUD, with FEELING: “I AM Love. I AM Whole. I AM THAT I AM,” etc. It makes a huge difference. Meditation is also helpful for many people but for many people, meditation may be walking in nature, swimming laps, immersing yourself in music… There are many ways to meditate but the key thing is to get into a state of consciousness where you are able to still your mind. It takes a while to do this so work up to it in small doses – even stilling your mind for two minutes is GREAT for someone who has never meditated before.



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