Receiving Your Crystalline Body of Light

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What is the crystalline body of light & how do I prepare to receive it

Receiving Your Crystalline Body of Light

This is the single most awesome process I facilitate for other people. In this session, I assist your god self and soul to transform the illusion of of your physical body to the reality of a Crystalline Body. This session takes place in Imphara and is facilitated by the angelic healers of light. You will be placed in a crystalline healing chamber where you will experience the full integration of your crystalline body in a four day process that is compressed into one hour.

The crystalline body carries the frequency of a crystalline vibration, which is a finer and higher vibration than the organic body is able to attain. A crystalline body can reach an higher vibration ten times faster and hold it ten times longer than an organic body can. The crystalline body is a gift of mastery. Many ascended masters on this planet have dedicated their entire lives to building a crystalline body of light. While it is an incredible gift, it also has the potential to be very destabilizing to people who have not done a lot of clearing work on themselves. Most people take this session ONLY AFTER they have done all of the Serenity Vibration Healing clearing and shielding sessions or all of the Lightarian Clearing Program sessions.



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