Angelic Rebirthing

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What happens in a Serenity Healing Angelic Rebirthing session?

Angelic Rebirthing

The Serenity angelic rebirthing session is perhaps the one that is most popular with clients. Throughout time very few people have been conceived in love. Whatever occured during your conception, the gestation period and the birthing process still have a huge impact on how you experience life and filter your reality. In this session the angelic kingdom assists you to rescript your birth. Two angelic beings will wrap themselves around the egg and sperm that conceived you and stay with your fetus throughout the conception period holding you in a space of Serenity and shielding you from any fears, concerns or less-than-light thought and word that crossed into you from the environment outside your womb. A majestic Archangel usually will assist by becoming the birth angel that removes you gently and always head first from the womb. In addition to this very powerful experience, I will also work with your god self so that when your birth angel removes you from the womb that you will be immediately anchored to Essence of Your God Self in your heart chakra.



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