Archangel Uriel or Saint Uriel and the Compassion Ray

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What is the compassion ray?

Archangel Uriel or Saint Uriel and the Compassion Ray

Archangel Uriel or St Uriel is helping humanity to anchor the energy of the Compassion or Ruby Ray. The primary focus of the Compassion Ray is on spiritual service, love for others, peace and devotion. This spectacular ray will support a Being on an ongoing basis in the many twists and turns in their spiritual journey. From channeled notes, Archangel or Saint Uriel says, "in a very direct sense the Ruby Ray of Grace will support spiritual healers, teachers and everyone seeking truths or engaged in a Divine spiritual journey. For it is this love which serves humanity." Most emphatically, it will accentuate and radiate spiritual vitality to any Being who seeks its energizing love. Often you can receive most of this gift simply by asking Archangel Uriel to transmit it to you. The angels, archangels and seraphim honor your free will so you do have to ask for angelic assistance.



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