Choose your friends and sexual partners wisely!

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How should I choose my friends and sexual partners?

Choose your friends and sexual partners wisely!

A human being can be viewed as an energy system or a field of energy. The people that you hang out with or work with are important, because you become attuned to or resonate with their energy fields. When these people experience anything that emotionally sets them off, their energy fields swell and they literally reach out to the human energy fields around them and suck them into their energy vortices. This is perhaps OK when the person is happy, but not so good when they are angry or depressed. It is perhaps even more important to choose your sexual partners carefully. When you engage in sexual acts with another, you are trying to reach at-one-ment with that person. What happens is that your two (or more) energy fields merge together and your body will retain the energy of that other person for a month after the sexual act even if it is just an one night stand.



9/14/2006 4:09:25 AM

Energy fields are more acute then a persons sences. What might be pleasing to the touch or sight might not be exactly what your energy field seeks out. If you ever have had the "I saw you from across the room" story told or happen to you, our fields filter untill it finds what we uncontiously want. Now remember we have a choice to follow or not. Filtering also thought as animal magnetism.


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