About Lightarian Energy Technologies

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What are the Lightarian Energy Technologies?

About Lightarian Energy Technologies

The Lightarian energy healing modalities are part of the divine plan to support the human and global transformation of Earth that is underway. As part of this plan, many ascended masters are assisting humanity by offering ways to enhance and quicken the five spiritual processes of self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation work and manifestation. The Lightarian Energy Technologies consist of four elements – the Lightarian Rays, Lightarian Clearing, Lightarian Reiki and Angel Links. I have worked with lots of energy healing modalities and this one, like Serenity Vibration Healing, has one of the highest light and love quotients I have found. And it complements in a beautiful way the work of Serenity Vibration Healing. For additional information, please check out my web site!



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