Energetic First Impressions

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What happens energetically when we meet someone new?

Energetic First Impressions

Subconsciously, we all trust our first impressions and realize how important they are. When we meet someone for the first time, what happens is that our energy fields mesh together and they exchange information. If our energy fields complement one another in any way, we begin to feel that we like this person and we want to further the relationship. If a karmic relationship is involved, we feel more strongly drawn to that person even if we don't like them and often we won't. These are the people we really obsess about and we don't know why. When we feel neutral about someone or instantly dislike them, usually our energy fields don't match and we can learn nothing from them. For example, when an old soul meets a baby one, usually they won't like each other because with such dissimilar soul ages, there is little opportunity to either teach or to learn. This is how we draw into our lives the people we are meant to share them with.



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