How can I clear my blocks to growing spiritually?

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What is the shadow tapestry and how may I release it?

How can I clear my blocks to growing spiritually?

Each individual comes into this incarnation with his own unique "limiting path construct" that defines the boundaries and obstacles for the incarnation experience. This "construct" provides the framework for the challenging life scenarios that need to be experienced. Within this construct we generate an extraordinarily complex interwoven fabric of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse mental, emotional and physical stored energies. The vast majority of our adverse patterns are stored in the interwoven fabric or "tapestry" within our chakras, aura and energy bodies. To facilitate our clearing work, we use the term "shadow Tapestry" to define all the adverse energetic elements that blocks us as we move along our spiritual path. The objective of this first level of the Lightarian Clearing program is to release this shadow tapestry.



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