Forgiveness and Deceased Loved Ones

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Can I work on forgiving a deceased person?

Forgiveness and Deceased Loved Ones

Often people we are close to emotionally die before we energetically complete everything that we feel we need to. Often the unfinished business concerns the issues and areas in the relationship where one or more parties have been unable to let go or release or forgive something. A lot of times when a death occurs, some of the grieving is about the sense of incompletion and things that are left hanging energetically. I encourage people who are in this situation, to meditate and connect with their heart to the heart of the deceased person and continue to work on resolving any issues that require forgiveness. Almost always the deceased soul is very eager to work with you on forgiveness issues so that you and they do not have to reincarnate again to work out the incomplete business. For more information on forgiveness (how to forgive, forgving self, forgiving others, forgiveness techniques) check out the writings link on my web site.



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