Forgiveness and Self Love

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How can you love yourself when you have lots of forgiveness issues?

Forgiveness and Self Love

One of the biggest blocks people have to loving themselves and being joyful is the baggage in their lives that they cannot forgive. Clinging on to issues and people that agitate you is really a bummer trip. It is like traveling through the desert in boiling heat, ten miles away from the oasis, with a hundred pound bag of potatoes on your back. If you cannot forgive yourself and others, it becomes a negative spiral fast since it decreases your amount of self love and then that decreases your ability to manifest a great life for yourself. I suspect that the people who have the biggest forgiveness challenges are the people who are extremely bitter. For more information on forgiveness (how to forgive, forgving self, forgiving others, forgiveness techniques) check out the writings link on my web site.



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