The Lightarian Empowerment Ray

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How would I benefit from receiving the Lightarian Empowerment Ray?

The Lightarian Empowerment Ray

* Provides you with a "spiritual wake-up call" of the highest order!
* Deepens your "sense of self" and creates an expansion of your spiritual self-knowing.
* Will support you in getting clearer about "who you are" and "why you are here" during these special times.
* The E-Ray will stimulate your overall sense of personal power and serves as the energetic foundation for the other four Rays...which focus on clearing, healing, activation and manifestation.

The Lightarian Empowerment Ray is a unique, energetic attunement created by the energies of Maitreya to trigger and accelerate your overall spiritual process. Receiving the E-Ray creates a unique relationship between Matreiya and all levels of your energies. In a sense, an empowering, long-term connection is established between Matreiya and your Soul, Oversoul and Higher Self levels. This connection is maintained long after the event (receiving the Attunement) and provides ongoing support to all levels of your Being for the raising of your vibration and enhancing your spiritual awakening.



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