The Lightarian Clearing Ray

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How may I benefit from receiving the Lightarian Clearing Ray?

The Lightarian Clearing Ray

The Lightarian Clearing Ray
* Launches a thorough clearing of adverse energy patterns in your auric field
* Allows more of your Higher Self energies to integrate into your lower energy fields and physical body.

Via a single attunement session, the Clearing Ray launches the releasing of adverse soul programming, undesired belief structures and your most challenging mental, emotional and physical patterns. This process is fully "orchestrated" beyond your conscious awareness by the energies of Ascended Master El Morya...all in conjunction with your Higher Self.
Following your attunement, over an extended period of time, your chakras and subtle bodies will be cleared and opened to anchor in more Light! Within this more opened, cleared space, an accelerated healing of your etheric fields and physical body can take place.

"Lightarian Clearing is an expression of my intention to bring forth a divine wave of personal empowerment on Earth at this time.... through the process of clearing the etheric fields and physical bodies of Earth Humans." (Ascended Master El Morya: Inspiration and source of the Clearing Ray)



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