About Ascension Reiki Energy Healing:

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What is ascension reiki?

About Ascension Reiki Energy Healing:

One of the most powerful of the different sytems of reiki energy healing is Ascension Reiki. Ascension Reiki helps people to connect their energy fields with the Universal Love frequencies from the Ascended Masters, the Elohim and Creator. The attunement process of Ascension Reiki attunes each person to their Higher Self. The basic anatomy of the Higher Self is eightfold in nature. The first eight attunements of Ascension Reiki attune the eight anatomical aspects of the Higher Self (will, spirit, soul,mind, astral body,feeling body, thinking body and physical body). The ninth degree attunement attunes the Higher Self. This is a step by step process that opens up the ability of each individual to connect with their higher self and allows the Reiki healing energy to flow freely and automatically with the intent to heal.



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